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Health Curator is a platform for evaluating sites and healthcare computer applications available on the Internet and was devised and created by the Health On the Net (HON) Foundation along with its partners, within the aegis of the European project KConnect No 644753 ( ).

The project was carried out by a dedicated team

Health Curator is funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Program under the license number 644753 (KConnect). It will be maintained by the Health On the Net Foundation (IDE CHE-110.400.407, rue Gabrielle-Perret-Gentil 4, c / o University Hospitals of Geneva, E-Health and Telemedicine, 1205 Geneva).

The Health Curator platform does not accept or host any advertising.

Terms of service

The use of Health Curator is subject to the full acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

By accessing the Health Curator, you agree to refer regularly to the latest version of the General Terms and Conditions available on Health Curator.

In case of disagreement with these conditions, Health Curator reserves the right to prohibit access to the site.

Law governing this website: for Geneva

Access to and use of this website is subject to the laws of the Canton and the State of Geneva. Users of this site agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the canton and state of Geneva in Switzerland and not to raise any jurisdictional objection to these laws.

Any dispute that may arise between the Publisher and third parties in connection with the platform will be subject to Swiss law and the courts of the Canton of Geneva, Switzerland

Exclusion and Limitation of Liability

The services (websites, Apps or connections) provided on Health Curator do not constitute medical advice and are in no way a substitute for a diagnosis or medical treatment prescribed by a health professional. Ongoing treatment should not be interrupted or modified without prior discussion with the prescriber.

Health Curator can not be held responsible for any third party health or health Web sites accessible and available on the platform or from the associated services. The opinions available on the site are the sole responsibility of their editors. Health Curator assumes no responsibility for material or immaterial damages resulting from published notices or their access, use or non-use of information on Health Curator, interruption of connection or any other inconvenience.

Health Curator can not be held liable for malicious intent or non-compliance with third party notice requirements.

Health Curator Community Review

Notices submitted about a website, app or connection are provided only by registered and identifiable users.

To use Health Curator, registration is required.

Any person, including a publisher of sites, may submit his / her opinion but each one must explicitly mention at the time of registration, any membership of a website or App.

Registration is by sponsorship, the sponsor will hold the responsibility of any persons invited onto the platform. Health Curator is based on declarations but will also carry out automatic and manual checks. If it appears that the sponsor has not invited the person, the views of that person may be withdrawn.

Health Curator reserves the right to verify the veracity of data provided by Health Curator members. The purpose of the moderation is to ensure that the collected content is in conformity with Swiss law and these General Conditions.

All stakeholders and actions related to moderation are identified and traceable. Health Curator uses random human moderation, a priori but also a posteriori. The same period of moderation applies to all notices, whether positive or negative.

Health Curator reserves the right to refuse user notices containing illegal content that does not conform to the GTC, or notices including:

  • rude, abusive and discriminatory language,
  • unintelligible content,
  • quotations from competitors,
  • inadequate or inappropriate commentary,
  • an unjustified negative opinion.

Health Curator agrees to withdraw a notice following the request of the author. The notice will nevertheless be stored in the Health Curator databases. The author of a published notice may not request the modification of the latter. He may simply exercise his right of withdrawal and ask to submit a new notice.

Health Curator undertakes not to modify or delete the contents of a notice and therefore can not:

  • correct spelling mistakes included in a notice,
  • change the pseudonym of a member,
  • hide part of the content of the notice,
  • change the note.

Use of Health Curator Site Content: Copyright

All information (including graphics and website design) contained on Health Curator is copyrighted © Health On the Net Foundation, owned by the Health On the Net Foundation.

The Health Curator material may be used or distributed for non-commercial purposes if this Copyright note remains intact in every document or information and a link to the web source is associated with it. APIs will be developed to allow webmasters and computer scientists to use the opinions submitted by the Health Curator community.

Please also send an email to mentioning the use of the material of the site

The content can not be used for commercial purposes, except in special cases and only after authorization.

The reproduction of any content extracted from a site remains under the copyright of the latter.

Health Curator: a secure connection via https

Health Curator website is secured with SSL link (Secure Sockets Layer - https) establishing an encrypted link between the web server and the user browser. This service is provided by QuoVadis Limited, valid until 2020; serial number 4C:EA:90:04:77:9C:68:9D:CB:59:C8:BC:C6:CA:EF:95:DE:A1:C5:94.

Health Curator provides images or favourite icons in order to give an overview of the health Website layout or the health App.  In order to respect the rights of the image owners, Health Curator displays third parties images from their respective website address which means that Health Curator and Health On the Net cannot control the image displayed or any cookies from the third party website. This is the reason that in some cases, when the images displayed are not on a secure server, the Health Curator website cannot guarantee a secure connection while all effort is made to do so. 

To display the third party image, health curator use the service .

If you are the owner of the image's website and you believe that their use on Health Curator site is in violation of any copyright law or not appropriate, then please contact us through the contact information page, and we will get back to you as soon as possible to resolve the issue.

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